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The Importance of Strong Employer Branding During the Interview Process In today’s competitive hiring landscape, companies need a cohesive and well-defined brand to help them stand out from other businesses that are also hoping to attract top talent. Many companies spend considerable resources developing their corporate website and social media presence to reflect…(Read More)

How Important Is Social Media in the Hiring Process? A Blog post by Bill O’Malley From my desk in Recruiting for the Furniture, Appliance and Sleep verticals, here is a really big sea change that I’ve seen in hiring. When I introduce a candidate profile and resume to a client, inevitably 7 out…(Read More)

Drive employee engagement with Benefits and Incentives A blog post by Bill O’Malley, the specialist in the Furniture, Appliance and Sleep vertical space. Recruiting and retaining top talent has a lot to do with the benefits and incentives offered by your company. Today, it can be difficult to discern what it is that really…(Read More)

How Managers Can Best Motivate Top-Performers Before you read on about motivating top performers further in our blog this month, I wanted to share what we consistently hear as a recruiter from executives as to why they are willing to leave their existing company. Simply put…it’s a bad boss.  I have often…(Read More)

Top Interview Questions…The benefit of unrehearsed answers and how to get them in an interview. Bill O’Malley, Connector Team Recruiting There is so much material out there regarding Top Interview Questions and techniques. We believe conducting a great interview takes significant preparation and hard work. From my seat as a Recruiter, I still…(Read More)

Increase Sales – Retain Your Clients By Retaining Your Employees Whether you’re a big box retailer or a wholesale enterprise, this month’s topic on “retention” is an area that can help everyone in the Furniture | Appliance and Sleep verticals.  Studies have shown across Human Resources that retention is such a hidden cost factor that…(Read More)

Getting the most out of your interview process Many candidates can interview well – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the right person for the job. There are ways that you can improve your company’s interview process to get a better sense of whether or not a candidate will be the right fit…(Read More)

Bill O’Malley, Chief Recruiting Officer Earlier this year I wrote about how the job market had become a truly candidate driven marketplace. We continue to see strong hiring and a real talent shortage in the Retail Home Furnishings sector. This is being driven by a low Unemployment rate of (4.6%) and the white…(Read More)

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