Executive Recruitment Services
Connector Team Recruiting is a project based executive recruitment firm that is dedicated to helping people and companies reach their full potential through our executive search services. Our recruitment process is centered around you and designed to reducing that critical time to fill metric when a key opening exists or when a company is experiencing a period of dramatic positive growth.

Our methods are designed to match your hiring goals and process; to find you a top talent impact player that can help you build your high-performance team.
  • We help you to accelerate your team and gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace
  • We are proud to work with clients of all sizes and scopes
  • We are capable of working at both the macro and micro level in terms of client size plus we will tailor our services to fit your unique needs.
  • We get to know you by conducting a thorough needs analysis‚Ķthis allows us to take your message to source and screen the best fit for your culture.

We offer a unique fee investment structure with an agreement that is designed to be performance based to ensure that both parties have skin in the game.

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