Who We Are
Who We Are
Since 2012 Connector Team has been creating an executive search and recruitment solution for furniture, appliance and sleep retailers, manufacturers and 3PL providers. While some recruitment firms simply want to match and place resumes we use the best technology and research to deliver you the talent that matches your unique corporate culture and style.

We focus on our client’s business goals and deliver measurable solutions for the home furnishings and appliance industry.

We fuse together the people, recruitment process and technology to find that “hard to source” passive talent

We have the skill to reach into your competition or from compatible industries and engage executives with a compelling value proposition on the opportunity.

We are proud to work with clients of all sizes and scopes

We are capable of working at both the macro and micro level in terms of client size plus we will tailor our services to fit your unique needs.

We get to know you as a client by conducting a thorough needs analysis…this allows us to take your message out to the passive candidates to source and screen the best fit for your culture.

Connector Team is the partner you need to help your team and brand move forward. We help you to accelerate your team and gain a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

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